Abel Ashes – the discography so far…

1. Eat Plastic (Abel Ashes and The Runs; Ecto 2006, recorded 1998-2002)

2. Other Elements (Abel Ashes; Ecto 2010, recorded 2001-2002)

3. Found Objects (Abel Ashes and Eric Hensel; Ecto 2010, recorded 2001)

4. The Dona Josefa Apartments EP (Abel Ashes; Ecto 2010, recorded 2006)

5. Thorny Id (Abel Ashes; Ecto 2014, recorded 2007-2012)

6. The Dark and Dusty Corners of the Room (Abel Ashes; Ecto 2014, recorded 2001-2002)

7. Stop and Smell the Sulfur (The Spontaneous Outbursts; Ecto 2014, recorded 1998)

8. God’s Penis (God’s Penis; Ecto 2014, recorded 2000)

9. Early Work In Ugly Buildings (Abel Ashes; Ecto 2014, recorded 1991-1999)

10. Kazoo Apocalypse (Abel Ashes; Ecto 2014, recorded 1993-1999)

Also available Trummerflora 2 (Various artists: Upsilon Acrux, hans and damon, Abel Ashes and The Runs, Marcelo Radulovich, Marty’s Sexual Organs, Hirsch with Invalid Entry, Ultra 7, 5/5/2000; Accretions 1998) and Eat Plastic and Other Elements (a 2010 compilation CD of tracks from my first 4 releases)

Coming soon…Cause To Perish (Live Abel Ashes and The Runs recordings from rehearsal sessions at the Accretions office in 1998)…and an as yet untitled album of all new material…

All 10 official albums available to download at https://abelashes.bandcamp.com

Eat Plastic and Other Elements is available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/AbelAshes or from Amazon.com and other online retailers

Trummerflora 2 is available at http://www.accretions.com/catalog/trummerflora2.asp

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Coming soon: Thorny Id

Coming soon: Thorny Id, the live solo acoustic guitar free improvisations of Abel Ashes, including 5 performances from the Second Annual San Diego Experimental Guitar Show.

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New release: Abel Ashes & The Runs – Live and Shitty in San Diego


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Ghost Town/Dust Devil ep now available at Bandcamp.com


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New releases of old music from the archives


Over the next few weeks I will be releasing lots of music, the best of what I have in the archives. The first release, these two live-in-the-studio solo guitar improvisations (Ghost Town and Dust Devil) have sat collecting dust for more than a decade because they never fit in with any of my other albums and eps, so here they are as an ep unto themselves.

Coming soon on Bandcamp.com, download only reissues of:

Abel Ashes & The Runs – Eat Plastic (studio album)
Abel Ashes – Other Elements (studio ep)
Abel Ashes & Eric Hensel – Found Objects (live ep)
Abel Ashes – The 9/11 EP (studio ep)

And previously unreleased material such as:

Abel Ashes & The Runs – Live & Shitty in San Diego (live album)
Abel Ashes – The Dark and Dusty Corners of the Room (studio ep)

…and maybe more.

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Progression Magazine review of Abel Ashes – Eat Plastic and Other Elements

PROGRESSION: The Quarterly Journal Of Progressive Music

CD review by John Patrick, Progression 60: Autumn Issue 2010, page 82

Progression, The Quarterly Journal Of Progressive Music, Autumn Issue 2010

Progression, The Quarterly Journal Of Progressive Music, Autumn Issue 2010


Eat Plastic and Other Elements

2010 (CD, 75:34)



RATING 13.5 (out of a maximum possible rating of 16)

Abel Ashes - Eat Plastic and Other Elements

Abel Ashes – Eat Plastic and Other Elements

Combine the controlled guitar tantrums of Sonny Sharrock, the booby hatch mannerisms of Captain Beefheart, and meld them to modern experimental rock sensibilities. With that unlikely combination, Kentucky’s Abel Ashes builds a foundation by which to celebrate the decay and collapse of consumerism, and cautions us on the general consequences of bourgeoisie stultification.

Ashes’ bottomed-out vocal tessitura will remind listeners of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum‘s Nils Frykdahl, or Steve Cash (Ozark Mountain Daredevils). Although assisted by six other musicians, Ashes does all the heavy lifting instrumentally. Eight of these 24 tracks are “rock” pieces, with the standard vocals/ guitar/ bass/ drums arrangements (“Alamogordo Testing” is a vehicle for dizzying ostanatos). The remainder is stream-of-conscience guitar daydreams, or disturbing montages (“The Planes Operation“, “Phantoms of Lost Liberty“) created from 9/11-based news casts.

Whatever stylistic corridor Ashes’ subtle-as-a-plane crash muse guides him down, his stubbornly independent West Texas roots are ever present, and a genuinely tragic-comic posture would indicate that all this is meant to be good fun.


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The One True Dead Angel review of Abel Ashes – Eat Plastic and Other Elements


better late than never….

Abel Ashes — EAT PLASTIC AND OTHER EXPERIMENTS [self-released]Even by my standards, this is a pretty eccentric album. Multi-instrumentalist Abel Ashes has a peculiar sense of humor and surrealist sensibility highly reminiscent of Frank Zappa circa JOE’S GARAGE, with an experimental neo-jazz sound to match. (When you have band members like Marcos Fernandes and others from the West Coast free jazz / experimental scene in your band, it’s not quite as hard as you might think to match Frank’s instrumental genius.) This is actually a reissue featuring the original album’s ten tracks plus ten solo pieces recorded from 2000-2009 and four live recordings featuring Eric Hensel that were recorded at Lestat’s Coffeehouse in San Diego in 2001. In the same way that Zappa combined elements of early rock and roll and doo-wop with jazz and progressive rock, Ashes combines a poetic lyrical sensibility (he was originally a poet before moving on to more musical endeavors) with a musical sound that straddles the divide between progressive rock and free jazz. If you’re familiar with Cheer-Accident‘s idiosyncrastic approach to prog rock, then the eclectic sound on display here will be familiar. The solo pieces are even stranger and, by and large, even more experimental, often delving into the pure exploration of sound rather than anything resembling actual songs, while the final four tracks — the live ones recorded with Hensel — are every bit as bizarre as anything else on the album, but more intense and immediate. Recommended for enthusiasts of eccentricity and those still pining for the late, lamented Zappa.
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